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Contest Catch The Monkey 07.12.2019


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With a performance of 18.043% Vassago1 won our stockpicking contest Catch The Monkey 07.12.2019, beating mixitrader who finished second. With a performance of 3.461% KongVestor only managed to reach position 9.

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The most predictions written for this stockpicking contest were for Bitcoin, followed by Aurora Cannabis Inc. and Varta AG. 7 contestants picked Bitcoin, followed by 6 predictions for Aurora Cannabis Inc. and 4 for Varta AG. Washer had the best individual performance with the prediction Sell Bitcoin, followed by Megabulle with Buy Baidu Inc. A ADR and DomRuinart with Buy Sangamo Therapeutics Inc.. The prediction Sell Bitcoin achieved a performance of 0.000%. 0.000% are in the books for the prediction Buy Baidu Inc. A ADR, and 0.000% for Buy Sangamo Therapeutics Inc..

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Performance (%)
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Aslan Pharmaceuticals Ltd. sell €6.00 0.000%
Voyager Therapeutics Inc buy €12.20 0.000%
MacroGenics Inc. buy €8.70 0.000%
Scholar Rock Holding buy €8.00 0.000%
Clovis Oncology Inc. sell €13.51 0.000%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Canopy Growth Corp sell €16.70 0.000%
Medmen Enterprises Inc. sell €0.53 0.000%
Aurora Cannabis Inc. sell €29.89 0.000%
Acreage Holdings Inc. sell €5.29 0.000%
The Green Organic Dutchm.hlds. sell €0.66 0.000%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Sangamo Therapeutics Inc. buy €9.00 0.000%
Clovis Oncology Inc. buy €8.00 0.000%
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals buy €7.45 0.000%
Medigene AG buy €5.44 0.000%
Ballard Power Systems buy €6.18 0.000%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Delticom AG buy €3.58 0.000%
Daldrup & Söhne AG buy €3.96 0.000%
Cliq Digital AG buy €2.75 0.000%
Edel AG buy €1.91 0.000%
Deutsche Rohstoff AG buy €13.30 0.000%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Wirecard AG ADR buy €58.50 0.000%
Canadian Solar Inc. buy €13.60 0.000%
Ford Motor Co. sell €8.29 0.000%
Norilsk Nickel ADR buy €24.30 0.000%
Coupa Software Inc. sell €130.70 0.000%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Villeroy & Boch AG VZ buy €14.65 0.000%
Adler Real Estate AG buy €11.90 0.000%
Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG buy €177.80 0.000%
PVA TePla AG buy €13.32 0.000%
Eli Lilly Corp. buy €106.18 0.000%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG buy €14.65 0.000%
Hugo Boss AG NA buy €42.55 0.000%
Zalando SE buy €38.74 0.000%
Tiffany & Co. buy €120.18 0.000% Inc. buy €1,591.8 0.000%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Frequentis AG buy €19.15 0.000%
Beyond Meat Inc buy €70.39 0.000%
Varta AG buy €101.20 0.000%
Austria Microsystems AG buy €40.20 0.000%
Aixtron SE buy €8.46 0.000%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Gerresheimer AG sell €68.25 0.000%
Gazprom ADR buy €7.18 0.000%
PACCAR Inc. sell €74.00 0.000%
Darling Intl Inc. sell €21.40 0.000% SE sell €1.98 0.000%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
SES S.A. buy €12.57 0.000%
Magenta Therapeutics buy €12.75 0.000%
Osmotica Pharmaceuticals PLC buy €5.40 0.000%
Athenex Inc. buy €14.30 0.000%
Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp buy €0.43 0.000%


Mann, der Affe war wieder stark!

Vielen Dank! :)

Glückwunsch zum verdienten Sieg @Vassago1 !
Der Affe ist im Moment sehr stark. Die Schimpansen-Grenze ist im neuen CTM nicht mehr so leicht zu knacken wie im alten.

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