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Why should I use sharewise

If you are interested in stocks and securities, sharewise can be an interesting additional source of information for you. You want to know which stocks our users currently find interesting Please note: This site is intended to be used for information and reference purposes only, and does not constitute a solicitation, a recommendation, or an offer to make an investment in, or to purchase or sell, any specific investment products.
Predictions are an easy way our members to express what they think about a stock (Buy or Sell).
sharewise records the performance of a prediction by comparing the stock price at the start of the prediction with the current price, or the price at the closing of the prediction, respectively.

Contrary to conventional forums sharewise keeps a transparent and accessible record whether or not a member is correct with the published predictions, her/his previous opinions about a stock and other companies she/he has written predictions for.
You can find additional information in our segment about predictions.
Writing your own predictions gives you the chance to test your investing abilities or different strategies without any risk.
  • Your profile allows you to track the performances of your predictions and to test different strategies without investing real money.
  • With only a few predictions you are automatically taking part in our stock picking game where you can win great prizes.
  • Your predictions also help other members as the sharewise community benefits from the opinions of everyone. More predictions result in more meaningful data regarding the community target price and the Top Buy und Sell favorites.
sharewise offers additional benefits

About us

sharewise is a platform for people interested in the stock market. On sharewise members can issue buy or sell predictions for stocks. It is easy to see which stocks are currently of interest to the community and what other investors think about your favorite companies. Using sharewise is completely free of charge.
sharewise was initially founded by me, Stefan Nothegger, in 2007. A few years later sharewise was sold to the Japanese company Minkabu. In 2019 Minkabu decided to focus solely on the Japanese market and therefore to shut down the platform. Due to the committed user base which is very fond of sharewise I have decided to continue the platform together with my brother Christoph. This necessitated a complete rebuild of the platform from the ground up, which I have done in my spare time.
Minkabu owns all the rights to the old sharewise, so the new version is developed from the ground up. No line of source code is identical to the old sharewise. If there's a particular functionality you feel is missing, gather enough likeminded people in the forums and we will prioritize the feature in development.
This is correct. sharewise is the passion project of two people, so we are listening closely to the suggestions of the community. Our aim is not to be direct competition to other websites about the stock market but to build on our core functionality like predictions and the forums together with the community to offer you the best possible experience.
Please send us a message via the contact form linked in the footer, this is the fastest way to get our attention. We do read the forums, but not all the time.


Using sharewise is completely free of charge. We earn money through advertising and affiliate marketing, therefore we would like to ask you to not use any ad blockers when browsing sharewise and allowing ads in our newsletters to allow sharewise to keep operating.
The old sharewise operated by Minkabu has been discontinued. As we value your privacy no user-specific data has been migrated to the new platform.


With predictions members can communicate how they currently view specific stocks (Buy or Sell). Predictions are not recommendations to buy or sell a stock! (Please take a look at our important notice)
Simply find a stock via the search or markets area, select buy or sell and the target price on the right side of the stocks page and submit. Alternatively you can add a detailed description to your prediction in a forum thread for the stock.
There are currently no restrictions on the number of predictions you can publish.
As soon as you change your prediction the currently active prediction is closed. Contrary to the old version of sharewise you do not have to wait until your active prediction is closed to publish a new one, everything is handled automatically in the background with the next price.
Technically it's possible, but there's no real value in doing it, so please try to avoid it.
Create a new thread for the stock and you have your own comment threat with yourself as moderator.
Starting and stopping a prediction always happens with the next price after you publish or decide to close your prediction, regardless of which market the price is from. We currently get prices from Tradegate in real time, but prices from Frankfurt and Stuttgart are only end of day and can only be shown after midnight for legal reasons.
so if you post a prediction on January 10 and the trade gate market is not available for this stock, the prediction will be started with the closing price of January 10, but only on January 11.
To simplify the process no market selection is necessary, we simply use the next price on any available market.
On the stock page or prediction page respectively simply select "End" instead of buy or sell and update your prediction and it will be closed with the next price. You can also update/close multiple predictions at once in your profile.
A prediction is active until you manually close it. Only you determine the runtime of your predictions.
Attention: The first five predictions you publish after the start of a contest automatically take part in this contest. If you have activated 'End predictions selected for Catch the Monkey automatically' in your preferences, these predictions are closed automatically at the end of the contest. For further information please see the help section about contests.


Contests give you the opportunity to compete with other investors. We even offer prizes for the best users.
Once a contest is started you have to issue five predictions which fulfill the contest criteria. These predictions form your contest portfolio. Additional information can be found directly in the rules of the contest.
The winner gets a €20 voucher from Amazon or Best Choice or can elect to donate the winnings to a charitable organization of his/her choosing.
Unfortunately we've had multiple coins disappear during shipping, so we have decided to switch to digital prizes.
The theory on which "Catch the Monkey" is based was formulated by Burton G. Malkiel, Professor of Economics at Princeton University and one of the world's most famous investment strategists. In his 1973 book "A Random Walk Down Wallstreet" which has since been reprinted nine times, Malkiel claimed that it would be wiser to have your portfolio picked at random by a monkey than to trust expensive financial consultants - a claim that has become known as the "Monkey Business Theory". This theory is now put to the test by sharewise. According to Professor Malkiel, all available information is contained in the current stock price. Opponents of this theory include the well-known value-oriented investor Warren Buffett.
KongVestor and you may pick from all available stocks which have a price (at the time of selection) of at least €1. The Monkey's stocks are selected randomly.
The player whose portfolio has the best average performance at closing time on the last day of the contest wins the prize. If there are multiple first place finishers the contestant who issued the first prediction is the winner. If KongVestor wins no contestant is awarded the prize.
In order to ensure a fair competition each person may only participate with a single account. To receive a prize a member's profile must contain the real first and surname (this is not visible to other members). In case a reasonable suspicion arises that a winner has broken these rules we reserve the right to validate the identity of that member and if need be withhold his/her prize.
Stocks are added to your portfolio with the start price of the corresponding prediction. This prevents potential abuse when selecting very volatile stocks as well as through over-the-counter trading and the 15 minute time delay on stock prices. Example: when you publish a prediction during the night it gets a temporary starting price until the first trade after the markets open, at which point both the prediction and your portfolio position get a permanent starting price.
The performance of a stock is the difference between the starting price of the position and the closing price on the last day of the contest expressed in percentage points. Should you close a prediction while the contest is still running the performance is the difference between the starting and end prices of the prediction. The overall performance of the portfolio is the average performance of all five predictions. Sell predictions are also allowed for which negative performances is counted.
When you fill out the pros and cons for a stock selected for Catch the Monkey during the runtime of the contest, you get 1% bonus performance. During each round of the contest you can therefore earn 5% bonus performance.
Dividends are taken into account for predictions and also for your contest portfolio.
You can also issue Sell predictions!
Yes. Your portfolio performance will only be calculated once you have five predictions. The first five predictions you issue after the contest is started are counted, but you do not have to publish them all at once.
No! Once you publish your fifth prediction your portfolio is complete and will remain like that until the end of the contest.
Errors can happen - incorrect price data or problems with the calculations can potentially influence the results. sharewise reserves the right to make corrections after an in-depth analysis. This is to ensure that every contest ends with a fair result. Contestants can object to the final results of a contest until three days after the contest ends.
Yes you can. In this case the performance calculation is based on the start and end price of the prediction.
By default, this does not happen. However, you can activate 'End predictions selected for Catch the Monkey automatically' in your preferences to close them automatically.