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sharewise Academy Learn more about the markets

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Get started on the stock market in these easy steps
This course is directed at beginners who want to get started on the stock market.

Things you will learn:
  •  What is a stock
  •  What is a fund
  •  What is an ETF
  •  How to open a depot
  •  How to manage a depot that will regularly beat managed funds
  •  Why you mostly need patience to succeed on the stock market

Key figures for stocks:
Key figures for stocks
Keeping an eye on the various key figures is important. We tell you what they mean.
sharewise advanced features:
sharewise advanced features
You learn how to find  the latest news and find great financial information about your stocks.
Also you get more information about our Pro and Cons feature, where we bring the wisdom of crowds to a new level.

For discussing with your friends and managing your investment clubs we will show you how to create your own stock debates.#
sharewise Introduction:
sharewise Introduction
This is a course about the functionalities of sharewise. You will learn about the basics and how to best use the platform.

sharewise Academy levels


sharewise student is the sharewise entry level. By completing this level you have gathered a lot of knowledge about the platform. Additiomal you earned your first spurs on the stock market by posting predictions and creating your first detailed stock analysis.

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As a sharewise advanced user you demonstrate that you invested quite some effort to study the stock market. You have posted numerous predictions and stock analysis. other users on sharewise are interested in your opinions and predictions.

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