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Contest Catch the Monkey 31.10.2020


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mixitrader has a huge lead in our stockpicking contest Catch the Monkey 31.10.2020 over marge with a performance of 15.077%. KongVestor is having a hard time so far, his performance of 1.604% is only enough for position 13 on the leaderboard.

We discuss all securities, matching the rule For 5 securities, where you also told the community the pros and cons you get 1% extra performance

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Performance (%)
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
S&o Beteiligungen AG sell €60.00 -41.333%
Adaptimmune Therapeutics PLC ADR sell €5.70 -28.772%
GNI Group Ltd sell €24.00 -18.750%
Maxeon Solar Technologies Ltd. sell €14.30 11.888%
EAC Invest A/S sell €645.30 1.581%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Marin Software sell €2.94 -9.524%
Astrotech Corp. sell €2.86 -27.972%
Boqi International Medical Inc sell €2.10 -8.095%
SPI Energy Co Ltd ADR sell €7.15 -2.098%
Novacyt S.A. sell €10.10 36.040%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Tesla Inc buy €368.10 -3.749%
Skeena Resources Ltd buy €1.52 12.871%
Roku buy €184.70 2.187%
Emcore Corp. buy €3.06 1.307%
Voxx International Corp. A buy €9.60 18.750%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG buy €17.10 -4.561%
Zooplus AG buy €154.80 -5.943%
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG buy €19.80 -11.515%
Eurofins ScientificS.A. buy €718.60 -2.477%
Snap Inc buy €24.00 51.688%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Bayer AG buy €42.35 0.142%
CytoDyn Inc sell €2.10 0.000%
Tesla Inc sell €347.00 2.104%
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. buy €177.98 0.180%
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. buy €406.60 -0.443%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Jumia Technologies AG sell €12.45 20.884%
Novacyt S.A. sell €10.10 36.040%
Astrotech Corp. sell €2.86 -27.972%
Marin Software sell €2.94 -9.524%
Sequential Brands Group Inc. sell €10.90 -41.284%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
SPI Energy Co Ltd ADR sell €7.60 -7.895%
Adyen NV ADR buy €32.40 -4.321%
Beyond Meat Inc buy €155.10 -6.718%
Snowflake Inc. buy €207.80 7.459%
Cliq Digital AG buy €15.20 1.316%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. sell €3.02 -16.556%
GNI Group Ltd sell €16.40 18.902%
Westwater Resources Inc. sell €3.79 -11.088%
Plug Power Inc. sell €13.90 -8.763%
Cliq Digital AG buy €15.20 1.316%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Gilead Sciences Inc buy €52.95 -3.211%
Bayer AG buy €44.90 -5.546%
Baxter International buy €69.56 -0.934%
Momo Inc. ADR buy €12.25 4.898%
Frequentis AG buy €16.60 3.012%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Theranexus sell €9.72 0.412%
Navistar International Corp. sell €37.65 -4.250%
Theradiag S.A. sell €4.91 -10.387%
Cit Group Inc. sell €21.20 24.528%
Hertz Global Holdings Inc sell €2.01 -26.270%


Für die Aktie haben wir die Märkte Stuttgart, Frankfurt und Tradegate. Der angezeigte Markt war Stuttgart, aber deswegen fallen die Kurse auf den anderen Märkten nicht flach. Ich hab den angezeigten Markt aber jetzt auf Tradegate geändert.

@christoph , wie ist es möglich, dass bei Novacyt heute schon dreimal der Kurs geändert wurde, obwohl (auf shw) in Stuttgart gehandelt wird?

Es gilt bis auf Widerruf weiterhin die 1€ Grenze, ich werde das in den FAQs updaten. Die Grenze gilt wie schon seit Anbeginn bei CTM bei der Auswahl der Aktien, d. h. wenn der Kurs danach darunter fällt und die Akte mit einem niedrigeren Kurs startet ist das in Ordnung. Ansonsten müssten wir solche Fälle wieder aus dem Portfolio entfernen und den Benutzer benachrichtigen, das macht es zu kompliziert.

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