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Contest Catch the Monkey 12.12.2020


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robertinio slightly trails MoneyMoney, who leads our stockpicking contest Catch the Monkey 12.12.2020 with a performance of 11.320%. With a performance of 3.709% KongVestor manages to reach position 12.

We discuss all securities, matching the rule For 5 securities, where you also told the community the pros and cons you get 1% extra performance

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Performance (%)
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Nel ASA buy €2.29 -2.054%
Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) buy €2.23 7.672%
Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) buy €2.10 11.323%
Curevac N.V. buy €72.27 9.299%
BioNTech SE ADR buy €93.81 -3.539%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Kinross Gold Corp. buy €5.88 4.730%
Gold Fields Ltd buy €7.02 8.148%
Gold Fields Ltd. ADR buy €7.30 5.480%
Harmony Gold Mining buy €3.41 11.509%
Harmony Gold Mining ADR buy €3.52 3.977%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Tiffany & Co. buy €109.98 -0.927%
Tesla Inc buy €490.25 -1.744%
Varta AG buy €111.90 -0.983%
Moderna Inc. buy €112.88 31.892%
Mylan NV buy €13.27 0.000%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Yamana Gold Inc. buy €4.21 7.551%
Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. buy €33.50 0.343%
Barrick Gold Corp buy €18.90 4.455%
First Majestic Silver Corp. buy €8.35 10.180%
Pan American Silver Corp. buy €24.25 5.299%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Bloom Energy Corp buy €22.51 -8.574%
Guillemot buy €8.40 2.381%
Gaussin S.A. buy €7.55 29.139%
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd ADR buy €225.00 -2.889%
Powercell Sweden AB buy €26.70 2.996%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Molecular Templates Inc. buy €7.60 3.947%
Esperion Therapeutis.Inc. buy €23.64 1.904%
Homology Medicines Inc buy €7.97 0.000%
G1 Therapeutics buy €12.08 28.932%
Voyager Therapeutics Inc buy €7.00 0.714%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Infineon Technologies AG buy €29.45 -0.357%
Erste Group Bank AG buy €24.55 -0.896%
Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) buy €2.23 7.672%
Evotec AG buy €25.50 2.784%
Tesla Inc buy €490.00 -1.694%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Dignity plc buy €7.99 0.000%
StoneMor Inc. buy €1.20 0.000%
Hillenbrand Inc. buy €32.20 0.000%
Carriage Svcs buy €22.40 0.000%
Matthews International Corp. buy €22.60 0.000%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Plastiques Du Val De Loire Sa buy €6.09 0.000%
Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi Di Bologna SpA buy €8.82 0.000%
OMV AG buy €30.16 -3.382%
Simulations Plus buy €45.80 3.930%
Moderna Inc. buy €108.00 7.389%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Datadog Inc. buy €82.00 -4.268%
Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd buy €3.58 0.559%
Rubis S.A. buy €37.50 -3.680%
Okta Inc. buy €199.60 -0.681%
Veeva Systems A buy €230.05 0.652%


Ach Elys Game normalerweise auf dem italienischen Wettmarkt tätig , hat sich auch Genehmigungen für die USA geholt und startet dadurch.

Deswegen neuer Name und neue Bewertungen möglich,

Delek group  ist ein Mischkonzern langsám ein normaler Konzern und auch ein Durchstarter

Langfinger schrieb am 30.11.20: 
Leider sind meine Aktien "Delek Group" und Elys Game  keine Tradegate Aktien.

Delek Group ist heute 12% im Plus und Elys game 14%.   Bei dem Spiel habe ich nur nichts davon. Die gehen wie immer verspätet ins Rennen

du hast ja 14 Tage Zeit....ich starte immer ganz gut in die erste Woche und falle dann jeden Tag weiter zurück ;-)

Traumtanz aber besser ein Kurzes Vergnügen als gar Keines lach

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