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Contest Catch the Monkey 16.10.2021


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With a performance of 24.518% daimler1 won our stockpicking contest Catch the Monkey 16.10.2021, beating Gilbert who finished second. With a performance of 4.271% KongVestor only managed to reach position 30.

We discuss all securities, matching the rule For 5 securities, where you also told the community the pros and cons you get 1% extra performance

The most predictions written for this stockpicking contest were for ReGen III Corp., followed by Tesla Inc and BioNTech SE ADR. 7 contestants picked ReGen III Corp., followed by 7 predictions for Tesla Inc and 7 for BioNTech SE ADR. daimler1 had the best individual performance with the prediction Buy Chemocentryx Inc., followed by DomRuinart with Buy Progenity Inc. and bundfuture with Buy NRX Pharmaceuticals Inc.. The prediction Buy Chemocentryx Inc. achieved a performance of 97.588%. 71.963% are in the books for the prediction Buy Progenity Inc., and 42.742% for Buy NRX Pharmaceuticals Inc..

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Performance including bonus
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Volkswagen AG ST buy €274.60 0.000%
Tesla Inc buy €726.60 0.000%
BMW AG VZO buy €72.40 0.000%
Daimler AG buy €83.72 0.000%
Chemocentryx Inc. buy €15.34 97.588%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Marathon Digital Holdings buy €29.00 31.207%
Hive Blockchain Technologies buy €2.49 1.925%
BIT Mining Ltd. ADR buy €6.95 17.266%
Riot Blockchain Inc. buy €22.70 5.595%
Jaguar Mining Inc. buy €2.65 18.868%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Marin Software buy €7.15 -9.790%
Progenity Inc. buy €1.07 71.963%
Daimler AG buy €82.77 1.111%
adidas AG buy €266.85 3.354%
SAP SE buy €123.82 1.503%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
New Oriental Education & Technology Group ADR buy €1.80 14.444%
Gaotu Techedu Inc. ADR buy €2.51 13.944%
China Online Education Group ADR buy €2.10 11.429%
TAL Education Group ADR buy €4.00 5.000%
New Oriental Education & Technology Group buy €1.76 14.773%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Kinross Gold Corp. buy €4.59 14.790%
Aya Gold & Silver Inc. buy €5.35 20.561%
Pan American Silver Corp. buy €20.29 6.949%
Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. buy €32.10 10.125%
Barrick Gold Corp buy €15.50 6.322%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Endeavour Silver Corp. buy €3.51 14.749%
First Majestic Silver Corp. buy €9.70 8.969%
Silvercorp Metals Inc. buy €3.25 8.339%
Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. buy €3.39 16.677%
Mag Silver Corp. buy €13.90 9.176%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Kinross Gold Corp. buy €4.59 7.449%
IAMGOLD Corp. buy €1.99 10.216%
Eldorado Gold Corp. buy €6.65 11.880%
Harmony Gold Mining ADR buy €2.77 15.885%
Harmony Gold Mining buy €2.80 10.801%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
NRX Pharmaceuticals Inc. buy €6.20 42.742%
WAVE Life Sciences Ltd buy €4.12 8.111%
Sio Gene Therapies Inc. buy €1.84 2.069%
Molecular Templates Inc. buy €5.50 -0.546%
Fate Therapeutics Inc. buy €51.56 2.366%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Tesla Inc sell €702.40 3.445%
Cypress Development Corp. buy €1.09 18.807%
Desert Mountain Energy Corp. buy €1.85 -4.865%
Halo Collective Inc. sell €2.65 -32.578%
ReGen III Corp. buy €1.28 -4.252%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Appharvest Inc. buy €4.84 2.893%
Columbia Care Inc. sell €3.26 -8.589%
Carbios S.A. buy €39.68 2.722%
Hexagon Purus As buy €2.65 6.238%
SMA Solar Technology AG buy €36.16 13.108%


Schließe mich dem Glückwunsch an. Manchmal genügt ein Volltreffer...
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Gratulation an daimler und chemocentryx
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