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Contest Catch the Monkey 11.07.2020


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With a performance of 27.761% Maxi_Scalibusa won ahead of zoe12 in our stockpicking contest Catch the Monkey 11.07.2020. KongVestor had a hard time, his performance of -4.064% was only enough for position 51 on the leaderboard.

The most often selected stocks in this stockpicking contest were Wirecard AG, Bitcoin and Nel ASA. Wirecard AG was selected 27 times, Bitcoin was picked 9 times and Nel ASA 6 times. The best predictions were Buy Plug Power Inc. by woelli, Buy Altimmune by melinda and Buy Hermitage Offshore Services Ltd. by krebskrebs. Buy Plug Power Inc. had a performance of 303.336%, followed by Buy Altimmune with 282.185%, and Buy Hermitage Offshore Services Ltd. managed to achieve a performance of 242.342%.

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Performance (%)
Name Prediction Perf. (%)
Guillemot buy 11.212%
Opko Health Inc. buy 48.011% buy 74.919%
Delticom AG buy -0.389%
Alio Gold Inc. buy 5.051%
Name Prediction Perf. (%)
Altimmune buy 115.566%
Applied DNA Sciences Inc. buy 12.418%
Medifast Inc. buy 15.801%
Co-diagnostics Inc. buy 1.258%
Aim Immunotech Inc. buy -6.557%
Name Prediction Perf. (%)
Clovis Oncology Inc. buy 0.931%
Wirecard AG sell -32.708%
9 Meters Biopharma Inc. sell -35.805%
LM Funding America sell -41.736%
Ayro Inc. sell -3.906%
Name Prediction Perf. (%)
Netcents Technology Inc buy -37.500%
Paion AG buy 14.008%
Plug Power Inc. buy 32.634%
Nel ASA buy 27.311%
McPhy Energy S.A. buy 72.619%
Name Prediction Perf. (%)
Nel ASA buy 22.524%
Tesla Inc buy 58.510%
Austria Microsystems AG buy 11.638%
Macy's Inc. buy 11.019%
Allianz SE VNA buy 2.569%
Name Prediction Perf. (%)
Ballard Power Systems buy 56.159%
Sfc Energy AG buy 18.677%
Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. buy 9.209%
Nikola Corp. buy -18.644%
Wirecard AG buy 40.625%
Name Prediction Perf. (%)
Tesla Inc sell 2.056%
Altimmune sell 11.960%
Ayro Inc. sell -23.839%
Wirecard AG sell -51.179%
Chesapeake Energy Corp. sell -39.492%
Name Prediction Perf. (%)
Cardiff Oncology Inc. sell -4.128%
Leoni AG sell 10.495%
Wirecard AG ADR buy 50.296%
Ideanomics Inc. sell -23.626%
Wirecard AG sell -26.338%
Name Prediction Perf. (%)
Square Inc buy 22.543%
Bonesupport Holding Ab buy 12.385%
Xebec Adsorption Inc. buy 19.048%
Baidu Inc. A ADR buy 9.125%
Beigene Ltd ADR buy 6.509%


0,06%  Das nenne ich mal knapp verloren. Gratulation an Maxi_Scalibusa!  
Vor 2 Wochen hatte ich das Glück knapp  vor Klostergang zu gewinnen und diesmal ist es eben andersrum!

Gratulation auch ans "Pudelchen" das Dritter geworden ist!  Süss gebellt

Es war wieder ein schönes Spiel und super spannend. Ich mag CTM!!!   

The comment has been deleted

Gratulation @Maxi_Scalibusa! Das war wirklich ein knappes Finish ;-) zwischen dir und zoe12!

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