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21.06.24 / Tradegate WKN: 865177 / Symbol: AMAT / Name: Applied Materials / Stock / Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment / Large Cap /
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Description Applied Materials

Applied Materials is a US multinational corporation that operates in the semiconductor, display, and solar industries. They develop systems and equipment to manufacture semiconductors and other electronic components for various applications. They also provide software, services, and solutions to optimize the performance and profitability of their clients' businesses. Applied Materials has a global presence and works with some of the biggest names in the technology industry. The company is publicly traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange with the ticker symbol AMAT. As of September 2021, the company had a market capitalization of over $140 billion.

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Competitors of Applied Materials

Applied Materials Inc. (AMAT) operates in the Semiconductor Capital Equipment industry and specializes in providing manufacturing equipment, services, and software to Semiconductor companies. The company's primary competitors are:

1. Lam Research Corporation (LRCX): Lam Research is a leading supplier of wafer fabrication equipment and services to the semiconductor industry. Like Applied Materials, the company provides equipment and services for a variety of applications, including etch and deposition, wafer cleaning and surface preparation, and chemical mechanical polishing.

2. KLA Corporation (KLAC): KLA Corporation is a leading supplier of process control and yield management systems to the semiconductor industry. The company's products and services are used to analyze and control the production process to improve yield, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

3. ASML Holding NV (ASML): ASML is a leading supplier of advanced lithography systems used in the manufacturing of integrated circuits. The company's products include wafer steppers, scanners, and immersion lithography systems, which are used to create patterns on silicon wafers.

4. Tokyo Electron Limited (TOELY): Tokyo Electron is a Japanese manufacturer of semiconductor wafer processing equipment. The company provides equipment and services for various processes, including etching, deposition, and cleaning.

5. Teradyne Inc. (TER): Teradyne is a leading supplier of automatic test equipment and industrial automation equipment. The company's products are used for testing semiconductors, electronics, and other products, as well as for assembly and packaging applications.

Suppliers of Applied Materials

Applied Materials is a semiconductor and display equipment company that operates in the technology sector. As such, it has a variety of suppliers that provide various components and materials crucial for its operations. Some of the most important suppliers of Applied Materials include:

1. Air Products and Chemicals: This company supplies various gases and chemicals necessary for the production of semiconductors and other high-tech materials.

2. Entegris: Entegris is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals and materials for the semiconductor industry, including filters, chemical delivery systems, and other critical parts.

3. Lam Research: Lam Research is a supplier of equipment for processing semiconductor wafers.

4. Tokyo Electron: Tokyo Electron is a supplier of semiconductor production equipment, including systems for wafer processing, thin film deposition, and cleaning.

5. KLA Corporation: KLA Corporation is a supplier of inspection equipment for the semiconductor industry, including systems for measuring and analyzing various types of defects in semiconductor wafers.

These suppliers are crucial for Applied Materials to maintain its operations and produce high-quality semiconductor and display equipment, which ultimately drives the company's stock performance. Any disruption or issues with these suppliers could impact Applied Materials' operations and profitability.

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