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08.12.23 / Tradegate WKN: 878841 / Symbol: CSCO / Name: Cisco / Stock / Communications & Networking / Large Cap /
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Cisco Systems Inc. Stock

Cisco Systems Inc. gained 0.720% compared to yesterday.
Our community is currently high on Cisco Systems Inc. with 13 Buy predictions and 3 Sell predictions.
With a target price of 55 € there is a positive potential of 22.37% for Cisco Systems Inc. compared to the current price of 44.95 €.
So far the community has only identified positive things for Cisco Systems Inc. stock. The most positive votes were given for criterium "Worthwhile Investment for the next years".

Cisco Systems, Inc. (Symbol: CSCO) is a leading multinational technology company based in San Jose, California, that specializes in the designing, manufacturing, and selling of networking equipment and software solutions. With a primary focus on Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking products and services, Cisco offers a diverse range of products including routers, switches, security systems, and video conferencing solutions to customers in various sectors such as telecommunications, government, education, and healthcare. As a prominent player in the technology industry, Cisco's contribution to innovation and digital transformation is significant, influencing the way people around the world communicate and collaborate. Trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange, CSCO is considered a reliable and stable investment due to its long-standing market presence, global client base, strong cash flow, and continued growth potential.

Pros and Cons of Cisco Systems Inc. in the next few years

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Performance of Cisco Systems Inc. vs. its peers

Security Change(%) 1w 1m 1y YTD 3y 5y
Cisco Systems Inc. 0.720% 0.909% -9.156% -3.167% 1.250% 22.633% 10.186%
T-Mobile US Inc. 0.470% 3.816% 6.106% 6.635% 12.133% 32.121% 152.222%
Equinix Inc. -0.720% -1.689% 5.107% 15.111% 20.064% 29.768% 119.389%
Qualcomm Inc. 0.420% 3.641% 10.186% 7.109% 21.475% -5.838% 150.537%

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Last updated at 2023-04-18

Overall, the financial statements of Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO), a leading company in the Communications & Networking industry, paint a picture of a stable and well-established company. Cisco has diversified its sources of income and demonstrates a strong balance sheet, with an impressive amount of total assets and a steady growth in net income over the past few years. However, there are some concerns in terms of cash flow, working capital, and interest expenses.

Strong Balance Sheet: Cisco's total assets have shown considerable growth, indicating the company's ability to invest in and expand its operations. In addition, Cisco has a healthy amount of stockholders' equity, highlighting the ongoing backing from investors.

Growing Net Income: Over the three fiscal years from 2020 to 2022, Cisco has experienced growth in net income. This signals a reliable and sustainable growth pattern, which is a positive sign for investors.


Prediction Buy
Perf. (%) 3.73%
Target price 49.729
Ends at 16.11.24

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) had its price target lowered by analysts at Oppenheimer Holdings Inc. from $58.00 to $54.00. They now have an "outperform" rating on the stock.
Ratings data for CSCO provided by MarketBeat
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Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) was downgraded by analysts at Raymond James from a "market perform" rating to an "underperform" rating.
Ratings data for CSCO provided by MarketBeat
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Prediction Buy
Perf. (%) -10.14%
Target price 71.303
Ends at 22.09.24

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) had its price target raised by analysts at Tigress Financial from $73.00 to $76.00. They now have a "buy" rating on the stock.
Ratings data for CSCO provided by MarketBeat
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