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Contest Catch the Monkey 13.05.2023


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With a performance of 41.689% Global_Player won our stockpicking contest Catch the Monkey 13.05.2023, beating Vassago1 who finished second. With a performance of 6.296% KongVestor only managed to reach position 8.

We discuss all securities, matching the rule For 5 securities, where you also told the community the pros and cons you get 1% extra performance

The most predictions written for this stockpicking contest were for Leju Holdings Ltd. ADR, followed by Monster Beverage Corp. and Pacwest Bancorp.. 8 contestants picked Leju Holdings Ltd. ADR, followed by 7 predictions for Monster Beverage Corp. and 7 for Pacwest Bancorp.. thomasw had the best individual performance with the prediction Buy Immunogen Inc., followed by Global_Player with Buy Minim Inc. and me8 with Sell Leju Holdings Ltd. ADR. The prediction Buy Immunogen Inc. achieved a performance of 145.713%. 69.461% are in the books for the prediction Buy Minim Inc., and -65.897% for Sell Leju Holdings Ltd. ADR.

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Performance including bonus
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Minim Inc. buy €3.34 69.461%
Pulmatrix Inc. buy €2.76 -7.790%
Secoo Holding Ltd. sell €1.25 -30.000%
Leju Holdings Ltd. ADR sell €5.90 -64.746%
Aceragen Inc. sell €2.22 -27.027%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Save Foods Inc. sell €1.17 -30.018%
Heron Therapeutics Inc. buy €1.33 -3.008%
Harbor Custom Development Inc. sell €4.50 0.000%
Trevena Inc. sell €2.12 -36.958%
Pacwest Bancorp. sell €4.72 -11.246%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Cronos Group Inc. buy €1.75 -9.143%
Pacwest Bancorp. buy €3.20 57.813%
SNDL Inc. buy €1.38 13.600%
Canopy Growth Corp buy €1.18 -18.442%
Tilray Inc buy €2.05 8.195%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc. sell €1.11 -33.333%
Pacwest Bancorp. buy €8.05 -47.960%
Protalix Biotherapeutics Inc. sell €2.70 -23.519%
ImmunityBio Inc. sell €4.98 -57.831%
Leju Holdings Ltd. ADR buy €2.38 -12.605%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Cyberark Software buy €114.95 13.354%
Palo Alto Networks buy €165.56 10.945%
Fortinet Inc. buy €57.25 9.066%
CrowdStrike Holdings Inc buy €107.52 11.626%
Apple Inc. buy €157.42 1.106%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Palisade Bio Inc. sell €1.49 -4.156%
Hopium S.a. sell €1.94 -19.381%
Pliant Therapeutics Inc. sell €20.40 0.000%
Reshape Lifesciences Inc. sell €2.04 1.961%
Seres Therapeutics Inc sell €4.56 3.947%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Okta Inc. sell €63.85 10.337%
Acadia Realty Trust sell €11.90 0.000%
Agenus Inc. sell €1.30 0.618%
Lumaland AG sell €2.99 -5.360%
Hopium S.a. sell €1.83 -14.348%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Alphamab Oncology buy €1.70 0.588%
NIBE Industrier AB buy €10.15 1.478%
The Duckhorn Portfolio Inc. buy €13.80 -5.073%
UFP Industries Inc. buy €71.36 5.297%
Cantourage Group SE buy €10.02 4.192%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
Katek SE buy €13.80 14.130%
Hamborner REIT AG buy €7.10 -2.958%
Adler Real Estate AG sell €7.92 1.768%
Aixtron SE sell €26.01 3.922%
Beiersdorf AG sell €127.40 -0.746%
Name Prediction Start price Perf. (%)
GK Software AG buy €190.50 0.263%
Franco-Nevada Corp. buy €139.40 3.587%
Super Micro Computer buy €94.28 31.523%
Barrick Gold Corp buy €17.20 2.791%
Bechtle AG buy €42.19 -7.443%

Top Performer

Prediction Security User Perf. (%)
B Immunogen Inc. thomasw  145.713%
B Minim Inc. Global_Player  69.461%
B Pacwest Bancorp. quelbe60  57.813%
B Western Alliance Bancorporation daimler1  55.938%
B Pacwest Bancorp. daimler1  45.458%
Prediction Security User Perf. (%)
S Leju Holdings Ltd. ADR me8  -65.897%
S Leju Holdings Ltd. ADR Global_Player  -64.746%
S ImmunityBio Inc. bundfuture  -57.831%
S Leju Holdings Ltd. ADR mixitrader  -57.025%
S Trevena Inc. Vassago1  -36.958%


@robertinio Wir bekommen bei den meisten Börsen nur EOD Kurse,
Wenn kein Handel stattfindet kann es schon mal dauern.

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robertinio schrieb am 13.05.23: 
Gibt es hier überhaupt ein System, welche Kurse beim Kauf und auch beim Verkauf eingebucht werden? Meist bekommt man die Kurse vom übernächsten Tag erst. Das ist im Voraus gar nicht abzuschätzen. Wohl auch ein Grund, warum immer weniger Leute bei diesem Glücksspiel hier mitmachen wollen.

@robertinio Steht doch alles in den FAQ‘s
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