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Netspend Holdings buy Mister_x

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Geschrieben 05.07.11
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With debt now a national crisis, millions of Americans are stuck with big credit card debts and bad credit they can’t shift. For these people, new prepaid cards such as a NetSpend prepaid visa can help them better manage their spending and reduce their debts without adding to their existing credit card debts and further reducing their credit score.

The concept behind prepaid cards is simple – you load the card with cash and use it to withdraw money or make purchases. Once your balance hits zero, you can’t use the card any more until you recharge it with more funds. This prevents you from spending more than you have and going further into debt.

Austin-based NetSpend Corporation has become a leading provider of re-loadable prepaid debit cards and other alternative financial services to approximately 60 million under-banked consumers in the United States.

Offering a safe and affordable payment method for those in need, they can help anyone with financial issues get a debit card, even if they have been denied consumer credit before or are worried about the potential risks of conventional payment methods.

A prepaid Visa card from NetSpend allows you to access your money with no overdraft fees and with no credit check needed.

Geschrieben 05.01.12
Einschätzung Buy
Rendite (%) -8,78 %
Kursziel 9,00

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