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Club of the sharewise team.

Independent Investors

Independent Investors

Independent Investors Börsenclub:

Ein Treffpunkt erfahrener Privatanleger seit mehr als 15 Jahren mit ganz unterschiedlichen Investment-Strategien und Börsen-Ansichten. Wir legen Wert auf ein respektvolles Miteinander und unser Austausch dient der Horizont-Erweiterung. Jedes Mitglied verantwortet seine Investments selbst und alle besprochenen Themen sind keine Anlageberatung oder Empfehlungen zum Kauf oder Verkauf.

Unsere Wurzel ist das Forum und eine Mitgliedschaft im Börsenclub ist nur auf Einladung möglich.
Dazu schreibe einfach eine Nachricht an einen der 3 Börsenclub-Manager. Bitte hier gern eine kurze Vorstellung posten!
Finance Club UoΜ

Finance Club UoΜ


The Finance Club of University of Macedonia  - is an independent non-profitable student organization founded by students of the University of Macedonia, Greece (UoM - that aims to build strong relations between the market and the University. Though based in the University of Macedonia, it also operates via associates in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and other institutions. The Club’s goal is to give its members the chance to view the market in a more practical approach rather than solely relying on the abstract knowledge offered by the university. In order to achieve this goal, the Club organizes various events like conferences, workshops and seminars. Moreover, its members are able to cooperate with companies by taking up real case projects to work on along with the managers of the associated companies. In addition, the Club is trying to build and expand its network among students, market professionals and professors therefore giving its members a very broad pool of potential partners and employers. 

Finance Club UniPi

Finance Club UniPi

About Us

Finance Club UniPi is administrated exclusively by University of Piraeus Students. Our goal is to assist our members to develop the necessary skills for their professional future in the field of finance. Each student will have the chance to apply his/her academic knowledge into real world practices  and contribute to the club’s community.


The Club consists of 3 different working groups, therefore 3 different teams. The people who make up each team contribute to the writing of reports related to the domestic and international markets, but also contribute to the promotion of the Club.
  • Corporate Finance: The department’s main goal is to provide corporate reports and valuations of listed companies of the stock exchange.
  • Financial Markets: The department’s main goal is to provide weekly studies regarding the main stock markets.
  • Marketing: The department is responsible for managing the communication tools of the Club (social media, website, events).

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IAAS Greece

IAAS Greece

IAAS (International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences) Mission: To promote the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas, and to improve the mutual understanding between students in the fields of agriculture and related sciences all over the world. Activities: Annual World Congress, European Directors Meeting, Directors Meeting of Americas, African Directors Meeting, Regional Meetings, National Meetings, Local Committee Activities, Village Concept Project, Exchange Weeks, Exchange Program
FEP Finance Club

FEP Finance Club

FEP Finance Club is the student-run finance and investment club of the School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto (FEP U. Porto). We were first established in March 2012 following the tradition of major international business schools.
Business Club JCU

Business Club JCU

Business Club of John Cabot University

The JCU Business Club is a student organization aiming at connecting our members with the real business world.
Our goal is to create a network of useful connections that would help BC members provide themselves interesting business opportunities for their future.
We want to let students think beyond the static idea of a business, and deeply understand what really concerns business in all of its aspects.
The Business Club organizes projects, events, lectures, even in collaboration with other clubs with the purpose to let its members develop their personal and professional experience.

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When climate changes how can we remain the same? Regardless of where we are coming from, we’re not all proud of our climate behaviour and our environmental contribution to society. However, we cannot deny that there are many of us out there who struggle daily to create their own environmental haven, a place where they feel calm and safe. Those people are the ones that leave nature unharmed and whose example can be an inspiration for the rest of us. They are the ones that will risk taking the bicycle to work regardless of the unfriendly traffic. They are also the ones that do their gardening at their balconies and try to keep their neighbourhood clean and green. The ones that decide to wake up really early in the morning to relieve the beaches of the plastic bags. The ones that do not recycle because the government imposed a law but because this is how they react to the information they receive about the environmental hazards and the biodiversity losses . They cannot do otherwise anymore, it’s their primal urge to protect the nature.

Aren’t they the ones whose habits are silently making a tiny little difference in this polluted world? Many voices in the public debate have adopted a zero environmental harm logic caused by human behaviour: zero waste tolerance, zero carbon footprint in the environment. Those are powerful statements that aren’t always accompanied by the expected environmental protection measures. Therefore, if you feel that in the light of climate change you cannot afford to stay the same, you should give yourself the chance to connect with people that want to do the same and believe that respecting and improving their natural habitat is vital for their personal development. The goal of envinow global is to create an environmental haven for hopeful souls, where thoughts and expertise on environmental matters are exchanged. Our aim is to awaken a global movement of change that improves our personal environmental behaviour. The unifying point among us is the fact that we all face the environmental consequences of climate change and it’s time to consider ourselves as links of a chain, all equally important to rebuild our future in our own terms. was founded in July 2018 by a team of students of the National Technical University of Athens, aiming to raise awareness of environmental issues and climate change in the greek society and present their research results. The main topics of the website are the environment, the energy industry, the climate change, the sustainable development and smart cities.
ENVINOW GLOBAL was symbolically launched during the first-ever Youth Climate Summit at the UN headquarters, on Saturday, September 21, 2019
ΑUEB Students' Investment & Finance Club

ΑUEB Students' Investment & Finance Club


“AUEB Students’ Investment and Finance Club” is a non-political and non-profit student initiative, and the first Finance Club amongst Greek Universities. It aims to promote the social dimension of Finance, demonstrate the potential positive impact of investments on society, train and inspire its members on different functions of Finance.

For this purpose we plan and implement innovative activities which are mainly related to:
  • •Investments and Stock Markets
  • •Consulting
  • •The broad universe of finance through activities such as insight days, internships, workshops and involvement in research
  • •Building a strong network with other European Finance Clubs and maintain a strong alumni base
Last but not least, we emphasize on the cultural fit of our members, in order to ensure the Club’s success, and for this purpose we have established a selection process. Thus, our members are well-rounded and highly motivated individuals with genuine interest in Finance.


If you want to become a member of our community complete this FORM. If you have a relevant background and we feel that you can have a positive impact on our group, you will proceed to the next steps of our process.
Eligible candidate members are:
Any Bachelor student of Athens University of Economics and Business who hasn’t surpassed his/her legitimate years of study n+2, where n is the years of studies as defined by the curriculum of the department.
Recent Graduate students of Athens University of Economics and Business in either Bachelor, Master or PhD degrees.


You can find more information about our members and their interests through our magazine catalogue “Bubble” here.
Please like our Facebook or Linkedin page and follow us on Instagram and on Twitter