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1 Spectacular Dividend Stock With Artificial Intelligence (AI) Aspirations

Many investors look for stocks that pay consistent dividends, as they like the income they provide when the stock market is down. That way, they don't have to sell stocks at a loss to fund another investment or pay for bills in retirement. However, many dividend stocks do not offer strong upside, as they are mostly mature businesses.

Every once in a while, you can pinpoint a dividend stock with a strong upside, and those are the ones to pay attention to. I've identified one, and it's a stock that has remained under the radar despite its enormous size. So, what is this dividend investment with a significant role in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector? Read on to find out.

The company that checks these boxes is Accenture (NYSE: ACN), the giant consulting firm based in Ireland. Accenture is the 50th largest public company globally and holds a market cap just shy of $200 billion. But why has this company gotten relatively little notice? It likely has to do with how boring a business tech consulting is.

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