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1 E-Commerce Stock Up 70% This Year, Is It a Buy Now?

Props to you if you ignored what I said a few months ago and bought some shares of Global-e Online (NASDAQ: GLBE). The cross-border e-commerce software company, and key Shopify collaborator, is up big this year as it rallies from the nasty bear market of 2022. Shares are up 70% so far in 2023 as of this writing.  

Global-e's surge seems to have some support thanks to another strong earnings report. But by some metrics, shares are starting to look a bit frothy. Is Global-e a buy now?

Global-e provides software and logistics solutions for businesses that want to sell in countries other than their own. Services include enabling shoppers to see merchandise pricing listed in local currency, local payment option integrations and tax calculations, and localized shipping and returns. Besides working closely with Shopify, Meta Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) also taps Global-e for its small business cross-border sales solutions.

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