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Evolution Mining Ltd Aktie

Die Evolution Mining Ltd Aktie hat heute leichte Verluste von -0,47 % aufzuweisen.
Aktuell gibt es mit 3 Buy-Einschätzungen und 0 Sell-Einschätzungen ein positives Sentiment für die Evolution Mining Ltd Aktie.
Dadurch ergibt sich bei einem Kursziel von 5,00 € ein stark positives Potenzial von 99,24 % im Vergleich zum aktuellen Kurs von 2,51 € bei Evolution Mining Ltd.

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Rendite von Evolution Mining Ltd im Vergleich

Wertpapier Veränderung (%) 1W 1M 1J YTD 3J 5J
Evolution Mining Ltd -0,47 % -6,43 % -15,94 % -0,89 % -19,88 % 40,98 % 101,57 %
Gold Fields Ltd. ADR 3,33 % 15,44 % 1,95 % 24,60 % 2,61 % 145,31 % 101,90 %
Gold Fields Ltd 2,44 % 12,22 % 2,05 % 24,35 % -0,67 % 144,59 % 102,69 %
Alumina Ltd -2,46 % 6,48 % 2,48 % 1,59 % -2,27 % -20,74 % 19,52 %


Evolution Mining: A Strong Finish To H1 2021

Jan. 30, 2021 3:50 PM ETEvolution Mining Limited (CAHPF)4 Comments8 Likes

  • Evolution Mining reported another strong quarter in fiscal Q2 2021 and is well on track to meet its FY2021 guidance of 700,000 ounces of annual production at the mid-point.
  • While production has remained relatively flat over the past two years due to shuffling the project portfolio, both Cowal and Red Lake should significantly boost production growth by FY2023.
  • At a share price of US$3.55 per share, Evolution is valued at just $231.00~/oz, which is dirt-cheap valuation for a producer getting ounces out of the ground for $900.00~/oz.
  • I continue to see Evolution Mining as a top-10 gold producer, and I see this current correction as a low-risk buying opportunity.
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Evolution Mining: A Rare Opportunity To Buy An Industry Leader On Sale

Dec. 2, 2020 9:50 AM ET|12 comments  | About: Evolution Mining Limited (CAHPF)
Taylor Dart Long/Short Equity, Momentum, gold & precious metals


  • Evolution Mining released its fiscal Q1 2021 results last month and reported a slow start to FY2021 operationally, but is positioned to be net cash positive fiscal Q3 2021.
  • Following a larger-than-expected resource estimate at Red Lake, Evolution is set to see a massive boost to its mineral resources, with total resources of 25 plus million ounces.
  • Based on a market cap of just ~US$6.41 billion, Evolution is trading at barely US$260.00/oz, a valuation that is far too cheap for an industry leader.
  • Given Evolution's exceptional margins and solid organic growth profile, I see this pullback below US$3.75 as a buying opportunity.
  • It's been a rough few months for the precious metals sector (NYSEARCA:GLD), with gold down nearly 15% from its highs and the Gold Miners Index (GDX) plunging nearly 30%. While this has certainly not been pleasant for those fully invested, it's provided a rare opportunity for those on the sidelines to start positions ...

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