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Waves buy PapaSmurf

Start price
12.12.21 / 50%
Target price
Performance (%)
End price
This prediction ended on 13.12.22 with a price of €1.71. Massive losses of -88.43% were the result for the BUY prediction by PapaSmurf. PapaSmurf has 50% into this prediction

Waves is a crypto currency and blockchain platform that was launched in 2016. It was created by Alexander Ivanov, a Russian physicist and entrepreneur. Waves allows users to create their own custom digital assets through the use of custom token creation tools.

One of the main applications of Waves is for crowdfunding of projects or businesses. This is made possible through the use of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), which allow individuals to invest in a project's tokens before they are listed on exchanges. This helps businesses raise funds quickly and easily without having to go through traditional funding channels.

Another major application of Waves is in the creation of decentralized exchanges (DEX). Waves DEX allows users to easily trade digital assets without the need for a central authority. This provides greater security and transparency for users as there is no central point of failure.

Waves also allows for the creation of smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement being directly written into lines of code. This is useful for creating complex financial instruments and automating the exchange of assets.

Overall, Waves provides a platform for individuals and businesses to easily create and trade digital assets while also providing a secure and transparent means of conducting financial transactions.

Performance without dividends (%)
Name 1w 1m 1y
Waves -12.837% -12.837% -14.865%
iShares Core DAX® -2.926% -4.228% 9.878%
iShares Nasdaq 100 4.462% 8.605% 33.063%
iShares Nikkei 225® 0.306% 0.284% 3.871%
iShares S&P 500 2.488% 4.773% 27.189%

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Prediction Buy
Perf. (%) -88.43%
Target price
Ends at 12.12.22

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