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Verastem Inc. buy dimontalban

Start price
Target price
Performance (%)

According to dimontalban what are the pros and cons of Verastem Inc. for the foreseeable future?

Could be very worthwhile Investment >20% year
Fair valuation
Revenue growth >5% per year expected
Sustainability is important
Stable Large shareholder and/or long term investor
Some uniques
Differentiated customer and product portfolio
Future proof or reliable business model
Increased challenges to pay loans and raise capital
Risky balance sheet
Lower EBIT Margin than peer group
EBIT decline/stagnation expected
negative Cash Flow expected
Bad rating
Little Investments for future growth
Low dividend yield expected
Growths slower than the competition
Higher risks for its business
Little known brand
ROE lower than 10% per year

Comments by dimontalban for this prediction

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Published 06.09.20
Prediction Buy
Perf. (%) 9.319%
Target price 2.000

Buy mit Kursziel 2,0