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Pacific Metals Co Ltd buy Finanzoo

Start price
23.12.22 / 50%
Target price
Performance (%)
End price
This prediction ended on 24.08.23 with a price of €10.10. The prediction for Pacific Metals Co Ltd disappointed with a performance of -24.06%. A total of €0.24 was paid as dividends for this prediction. Finanzoo has 50% into this prediction

Pacific Metals is a publicly traded company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, primarily engaged in the production and sale of ferroalloys, including ferrosilicon and ferromanganese. The company operates in Japan and internationally, and its products are used in various industries such as steelmaking, automobiles, and electronics. Pacific Metals has a strong reputation in the industry for its advanced production technology and strict quality control measures, making it a reliable partner for its customers. The company is committed to sustainable business practices and aims to contribute to the development of a more environmentally friendly society.

Performance without dividends (%)
Name 1w 1m 1y
Pacific Metals Co Ltd 0.699% 0.699% -27.638%
iShares Core DAX® 0.443% 0.771% 16.335%
iShares Nasdaq 100 -0.150% 4.094% 36.047%
iShares Nikkei 225® 2.566% 4.202% 15.033%
iShares S&P 500 0.479% 2.881% 29.113%

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