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G1 Therapeutics buy thomasw

Start price
09.10.23 / 50%
Target price
Performance (%)
End price
This prediction ended on 15.10.23 with a price of €1.08. With a performance of -5.70%, the BUY prediction for G1 Therapeutics by thomasw closed slightly in the red. thomasw has 50% into this prediction

G1 Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. Their lead product candidate, Trilaciclib, is designed to improve the outcomes of chemotherapy by preserving hematopoietic stem cells and immune system function. G1 Therapeutics is also developing therapeutics for lung cancer, glioblastoma multiforme, and other solid tumors. The company went public in May 2017 and is listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol GTHX.

Performance without dividends (%)
Name 1w 1m
G1 Therapeutics -10.435% -10.435%
iShares Core DAX® -0.870% -1.700%
iShares Nasdaq 100 -5.561% -3.604%
iShares Nikkei 225® -6.138% -7.732%
iShares S&P 500 -3.141% -2.011%

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Prediction Buy
Perf. (%) -5.70%
Target price
Ends at 09.10.24

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G1 Therapeutics

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