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2 Ultra-High-Yielding Oil Stocks to Buy With $1,000

Here's a wild stat: If one year ago you had split $1,000 and bought equal amounts of stock in oil and gas midstream company MPLX (NYSE: MPLX) and Brazilian oil giant Petrobras (NYSE: PBR), you would have generated $360.38 in annual dividend income. These two companies combined for a dividend yield of 36% over the past year. 

The chances of generating that kind of dividend income if you buy shares right now are pretty low (see below), but that doesn't mean you can't generate some serious income from these two ultra-high-yield dividend stocks. Here's why they may still be worth a look.  

Few things will reasonably ensure a favorable outcome for investors more than when their interests are aligned with a company's management team. Surprisingly, this isn't always the case, as the goals management needs to hit may not necessarily translate to growing shareholder value. With pipeline and processing company MPLX, it's very much in the company's interest to pay sizable dividends to its shareholders.

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