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08.12.23 / Stuttgart Stock Exchange WKN: A0Q3ZA / Symbol: PNKGF / Name: Indika Energy / Stock / Coal / Small Cap /
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Indika Energy Tbk Stock

Pros and Cons of Indika Energy Tbk in the next few years

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Performance of Indika Energy Tbk vs. its peers

Security Change(%) 1w 1m 1y YTD 3y 5y
Indika Energy Tbk - 0.000% 0.000% -48.718% -44.828% -14.439% -20.792%
Pt Petrosea Rp 50 8.420% 90.435% 88.793% 92.105% 80.992% 321.154% 386.667%
Harum Energy Tbk 6.150% -4.828% -12.102% -29.592% -25.806% -64.615% -4.167%
Darma Henwa Tbk - 66.667% 25.000% 150.000% 150.000% 400.000% 150.000%

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Last updated at 2023-05-29

In general, the financials of Indika Energy with US symbol PNKGF, a company operating in the coal industry, show some positive indicators and areas of improvement. The company has experienced growth in various aspects, such as operating income, cash flow, and revenue; however, certain factors such as debt levels and inventory management need closer attention.

Operating Income Growth: The operating income of Indika Energy has been increasing over the years, reaching $1,150,296,830 in the most recent fiscal year (2022). This indicates that the company is becoming more profitable and generating higher profit margins from its operations.

Increase in Total Revenue: The total revenue of the company has been growing consistently as well, reaching $4,334,910,730 in 2022. This growth in total revenue suggests that the company is expanding its market share and successfully increasing its customer base.