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Created by sofia120 

How do I get solutions for HP printer offline?

HP Printer is a world-class brand, which is attracting countless users from all parts of the world. This product is technically fit and simplified in using, so millions of users prefer it for completing the printing tasks. When I give a suitable command to my HP printer for printing the documents, I am getting HP Printer Offline problem. My HP printer is showing offline status, so I am not able to work on my HP printer. I don’t have the sufficient ideas the reasons of HP printer offline glitch. So anyone can suggest the permanent methods to solve HP printer offline issue. 

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 I am actually experiencing the same problem as well. The printer has worked before but now it’s saying that it’s offline when it’s not. The printer is plugged into the right port and my HP driver has been recently updated. Do I have to download a separate software for it to work? 

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