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Warren Buffett Gets Cured From Degenerate Value Investing Syndrome

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Today, Warren Buffett was cured from the degenerate disease call Value Investing Syndrome. After taking the cure, Buffet realized that investing in companies that are in industries that don’t exist anymore is a bad strategy.

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How Buffett Cured His Value Investing Syndrome

The cure came after Buffett stopped drinking Coca-Cola and instead began snorting coke, the white powder that Wall Streeters use to function at their highest level and hit their Bradley Cooper Limitless capacity.

Warren Buffett was quoted in saying, “I was blind but now I see. Investing in IBM was the sole function of drinking lead paint as a child. On the flipside, investing in Tesla is the equivalent of taking quaaludes for a bad headache – it will make your day litter than lit.”

Charlie Munger still has Value Investing Syndrome – but he is still stuck in the 1950s, so he will be no trouble – his decisions have a 70 year delay in being factored into the operating at Berkshire Hathaway.

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