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Roku Stock Spikes on Report of a Deal for HBO Max

Shares of Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU) were going up today after a report surfaced that it's close to a deal with AT&T (NYSE: T) to bring its HBO Max channel to Roku's platform. As of 11:00 a.m. EST Thursday, Roku stock was up 6%. AT&T stock, by contrast, was down slightly, demonstrating investors believe this news is a bigger deal for Roku than for AT&T.

The report of Roku's potential deal with AT&T is exclusive to members of The Desk, but the headline alone is enough to excite investors. Of the major streaming-video services out there, HBO Max is considered the biggest fish left to land for Roku. The company already secured the other outstanding big service with its recent deal to bring Comcast's Peacock channel to the platform. 

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