The old sharewise is shutting down, and a new one is taking its place

Hi, my name is Stefan Nothegger and I founded sharewise back in 2007. As many of you know, sharewise was then acquired by the Japanese company Minkabu in 2013. Minkabu has now decided to close the sharewise platform and to focus on the Japanese market. Due to the passionate fans of the community I have decided to reacquire the domain from Minkabu and to develop - by foregoing a lot of sleep - a new platform together with my brother Christoph The goal is to focus sharewise more on the community and to expand the platform together with the community.

What does this mean?

  • The new sharewise aims to enhance the equity culture in English-speaking countries and to provide maximum transparency. This way we aim to distinguish ourselves from the often untrustworthy stocks websites which permeate the web.
  • Stock predictions issued by members and substantiated in the forums are the central element of sharewise; everyone can easily see when the prediction was issued, the performance it has and which other stocks the author is interested in.
  • Development of the platform happens in close cooperation with the community - you decide which suggestions we implement.

How can I join and contribute?

As the protection of your personal data is of utmost importance to us we will not migrate your data to the new platform without your express consent. For existing uses of sharewise registration is quite simple, and - should you wish to do so - we can migrate your predictions, articles, watchlists and portfolios to the new platform. This way we can ensure that the work you put into your publications was not in vain. Simply go to and click on "Import now". After entering your username and password for the old sharewise and an email address you want to use for the new sharewise you can sit back and relax, we will do the rest. If you do not migrate to the new sharewise your personal data on the old sharewise will be deleted in September and all your watchlists, portfolios, predictions and articles will be gone forever. My suggestion: migrate your data to the new sharewise; if you don't like it, you can simply delete your new sharewise account. Of course sharewise remains free of charge!

Be part of it

If you want to to something for the equity culture in your country I want to invite you to migrate your account. If you do not want to be part of the new project I would like to thank you for your commitment to the old version of sharewise. Of course you can always register an account for the new sharewise without migrating your data.

Migrate my account now

No thanks, I prefer not to

All the best, Stefan & Christoph

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