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Here's What Medicare Part B Costs and Covers in 2023

If you're 65 or older, then Medicare is there to help you get the healthcare coverage you need. For hospital and inpatient care, Medicare Part A is the choice that tens of millions of people turn to. But for covering routine doctor visits and other outpatient care, Medicare Part B is the traditional option for many participants in the program.

Medicare participants can expect many different changes to the program in 2023. Here are the ones that will affect Part B the most, with a short overview to introduce you to the program first.

For the most part, if you need medical treatment that doesn't require staying at a hospital or other treatment facility, Part B is what covers you. Anything from a regular medical checkup to outpatient surgical procedures can qualify for Part B coverage. Moreover, if you need medical equipment, ambulance transportation, diagnostic testing, or treatment for mental health issues, Part B provides the coverage there, as well as for a wide range of other healthcare issues.

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