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Google Searches For ‘What Is Burnout?’ Surge 81%

What is Burnout

Searches for ‘what is burnout?’ rose 81% since the start of the pandemic as people faced new working challenge

Online Searches For ‘What Is Burnout?’ Rise

Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for ‘What is burnout?’ rose 81% worldwide since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 as people all around the world had to adjust to a new way of working.

New insights by health and nutrition information site Life Hacker Guy reveal that over the past five years, searches around burnout, what it means and how to defeat it have been increasingly and steadily rising, with the highest peak between March and April of this year.

A spokesperson for Life Hacker Guy commented on the findings: “Data shows clearly that the rise in searches has begun just after the Covid-19 pandemic started in March 2020, when most individuals had to start adjusting to a new and scary lifestyle.”

“There are several reasons as to why the two events are correlated, such as the increase in work demands, heightened uncertainty and anxiety, and lack of work-life balance. Meanwhile working remotely has its benefits, working longer hours and feeling the pressure to be constantly available due to the unclear separation between work and home have made it challenging to disconnect and recharge, leading to chronic stress and burnout.”

“This has also to be associated with the emotional stress that the pandemic in itself and the forced isolation had brought about. As stopping the spread of the virus necessitated physical distancing measures, this led to social isolation for many people.

The absence of in-person interactions, reduced social support, and limited opportunities for leisure activities and relaxation have contributed to feelings of loneliness and emotional exhaustion, making individuals more susceptible to burnout”.

Prevention And Recovery

But how can you prevent a burnout and, in worst cases, recover from it?

The key to preventing burnout is first and foremost recognizing that your work and lifestyle could lead you to it. Committing to a healthy and balanced lifestyle with a few simple steps can prevent a period of greater and deeper stress.

Things such as getting enough sleep, exercising multiple times a week, and learning to ask for help can already make a huge difference, as taking care of yourself and your basic needs need to be your top priority. You can further this effort by programming a balanced diet and treating yourself every now and then.

In the eventuality that you have been a victim of burnout already, to recover from it it’s necessary to admit that you’re burnout, as the first step to solving a problem is always admitting of having one. Moreover, you can try by distancing yourself from your work and take a well-deserved break, as well as seeking professional help when necessary.

What is burnout

What is burnout

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