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First Trust Global Portfolios Limited Announces Distribution for First Trust Global Equity Income UCITS ETF

First Trust Global Portfolios Limited (“FTGP”) announces the declaration of the quarterly distribution for First Trust Global Equity Income UCITS ETF (the “Fund”). The Fund is advised by First

First Trust Global Portfolios Limited (“FTGP”) announces the declaration of the quarterly distribution for First Trust Global Equity Income UCITS ETF (the “Fund”). The Fund is advised by First Trust Advisors L.P. (“FTA”).

The following dates apply to today’s distribution declaration:

Expected Ex-Dividend Date:

12 December 2019

Record Date:

13 December 2019

Payable Date:

31 December 2019


Fund Name


Dividend per


First Trust Global Equity Income UCITS ETF Class B


$0.3973 (USD)

About First Trust Advisors L.P.

FTA is a privately owned US-based financial services firm and is registered as an investment adviser with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. FTA acts as adviser to a range of Irish domiciled UCITS funds under the First Trust Global Funds plc umbrella. The Fund's distributor is FTGP, an affiliate of FTA. FTGP was established in December 2011 as a UK-based and UK Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA") regulated distributor and advisor. FTA, together with its affiliates, has total assets under management or supervision in excess of $141 billion as at 30 November 2019. For more information, visit


The Fund’s shares may change in value and may go down as well as up. You could lose money by investing in the Fund. You may not get back all of the money you invest.

The Fund is subject to Market Risk, which means that Shares of the Fund may fall in value due to market fluctuations caused by such factors as economic, political, regulatory or market developments, changes in interest rates and perceived trends in securities prices. There may be tracking difference between the Fund and the underlying index due to the impact of annual Fund management fees. Therefore the Fund's return may not match the return of the NASDAQ Global High Equity Income Index. The Fund's holdings may be issued by companies concentrated in a particular industry or country. The Fund may invest in small capitalisation and mid capitalisation companies. Such companies may experience greater price volatility than larger, more established companies. As the Fund's investments may be denominated in currencies other than the Fund's currency, an investment in this Fund may expose you to currency risk. This Fund's Net Asset Value (NAV) is likely to have high volatility due to the portfolio composition and/or the index replication technique. As such, potential investors should be aware that the Fund's shares will change in value, and may do so in a volatile fashion; potential investors could lose money by investing in the Fund.

Neither FTGP nor any of its affiliates, guarantees the performance or the future returns of the Fund. There is no guarantee that the Fund will declare dividends. For more details relating to risks of investing in the Fund, please refer to the "Risk Factors" section of the Fund's prospectus.

Important Information

This financial promotion is issued by FTGP of 8 Angel Court, London, EC2R7HJ. FTGP is authorised and regulated by the FCA (register no. 583261). Nothing in this document constitutes an invitation, offer, solicitation or recommendation to engage in any investment activity including buying or selling any investment including any interest in the Fund.

The Fund is an open-ended sub-fund of the First Trust Global Funds plc (the "Company"), an umbrella UCITS fund with segregated liability between sub-funds, incorporated with limited liability as an investment company with variable capital under the laws of Ireland with UCITS registered number 514357. The Company is a recognised collective investment scheme (a "recognised scheme") for the purposes of section 264 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, as amended ("FSMA"), of the United Kingdom. The Fund is not regulated by the FCA. Most of the protections provided by the UK regulatory system do not apply to the operation of the Fund and compensation will not be available under the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme on its default.

An investment in the Fund is speculative and may not be appropriate for all potential investors. FTGP does not guarantee the performance of the shares of the Fund. The value of an investment and income from it can go down as well as up and may be affected by exchange rate variations. Investors may not get back the amount invested or lose their entire investment. Current tax levels and reliefs will depend on the nature of the holdings. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

The material in this document is not comprehensive and must therefore be read in conjunction with the Fund's Prospectus, which contains material information not contained herein, including the terms of investment and information regarding investment risks and restrictions, fees and expenses and conflicts of interests. Potential investors should pay particular attention to the risk disclosures in the Prospectus. No assurance can be given that the Fund's investment objective will be achieved or that the Fund will generate a positive return. Contact FTGP or visit to obtain a Prospectus and/or Key Investor Information Document (available in English). Potential investors should conduct their own investigation and analysis of the Fund and consult its/their own professional tax, accounting, financial or other advisors as to the risks involved in making an investment. Potential investors should consider the Fund's investment objectives, risk, charges and expenses carefully before investing.

Nothing contained herein constitutes investment, legal, tax or other advice nor is it to be solely relied on in making an investment or other decision. It is not an invitation to make an investment in the Fund nor does the information, recommendations or opinions expressed herein constitute an offer for sale of the Fund.

Shares of the Fund are not available for sale in any state or jurisdiction in which such sale would be prohibited. The shares of the Fund have not been registered under the US Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and the Fund is not registered under the US Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended. Neither this material nor the Fund's shares are available to or suitable for US persons.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, no representation or warranty stated or implied is made or given by any persons as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this document and no responsibility or liability is accepted for such information or opinion.

The NASDAQ Global High Equity Income Index (the "Index") is a trademark of Nasdaq, Inc. ("Nasdaq") and has been licensed for use by First Trust Portfolios L.P., and sub-licensed for use by First Trust Global Funds plc. The Fund is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by Nasdaq and Nasdaq makes no representation or warranty regarding the advisability of investing in the Fund or as to the result to be obtained by any person from use of the Index in connection with the trading of the Fund.

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