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3 Reasons to Buy Nvidia Like There's No Tomorrow (Hint: The Stock Split Isn't 1 of Them)

Shares of semiconductor giant Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) have gained nearly 217% over the last year. Undoubtedly, the rapid advancement and adoption of generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications and large language models have been the key demand drivers for its AI-capable chips and systems. The graphics processing unit (GPU) leader has emerged as both an enabler and a major beneficiary of the ongoing generative AI revolution.

Nvidia posted a strong performance in its fiscal 2025 first quarter, which ended April 28: Revenue and earnings soared year over year by 262% and 690%, respectively. For the fiscal year, which will end Jan. 31, analysts expect its revenue to grow by 97% to $120 billion and earnings per share (EPS) to rise by 109% to $2.71.

Beyond that exceptional short-term outlook, there are also at least three major reasons to expect Nvidia will grow significantly in the long run.

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